In this leg of our programme, Fellows get a chance to directly meet stellar role models, remarkable leaders, and high-achievers who have made great strides in their fields and industries. This will be done via digital interaction sessions. Each section of this Module will have a far reaching impact on how the Fellows understand and approach their goals. During the interactive part of the sessions, the Fellows will get to engage in meaningful dialogues with the leaders and ask them pertinent questions about their journeys, successes, ups and downs, and what keeps them going ahead. Having access to role models directly will influence the Fellows ambition quotient, their ability to set higher goals, and plan for success much more effectively. The topics, much-needed for adolescent girls, have been curated by Wonder Girls based on extensive research and scholarship. Each of these sessions will be accompanied with topic notes, curated reading material, activity sheets, and reflection sheets. The programme material is carefully designed to enable effective learning for our Fellows.


Download the complete programme table here.


We will map each Fellow with one of our esteemed partner organizations listed below for a digital internship experience. This will give Fellows a sneak peek into real-world working environments in an exciting manner. Through this experience, the Fellows will learn to contribute meaningfully to organisations, acquire practical insights and skills, and boost their resume. Each of the organisations listed below has worked with us to curate a meaningful experience for the Fellows. The internship gives Fellows an opportunity to build relationships with mentors and sponsors in a structured and an effective way.

Structured Peer Networking

Our curated peer networking modules, hosted by expert facilitators, will enable Fellows to have fun while building meaningful relationships with high-impact peers. Each of the 8 curated peer networking modules is designed for shared activity, interaction, and specific skill-building. The peer networking modules will equip our Fellows with Wonder Girls’ Essential Networking Skills; backed by research and scholarship.



Our capstone project equips Fellows with skills of agency, resourcefulness, and collaboration. Our Fellows work alongside Wonder Girls team to execute projects that enable them to interact with relatable professionals from careers paths of their interest. Fellows will receive toolkits and frameworks to complete the capstone project module successfully with mentorship from our team. This module entails one-on-one sessions with us.


Download the complete programme table here.