Application Form

Our application form is designed keeping in mind the parameters based on which your candidature for the fellowship will be evaluated. We want you to have fun with these questions. We hope that taking the time to fill out the application form will give you the space to reflect on your own journeys so far and your path ahead.

Through the application form, we wish to get to know you on your capacity to think and reflect, professional ambition, intellectual curiosity, thirst to learn and grow, proactive and collaborative spirit, your social consciousness, and how well rounded you are as an individual. We can’t wait to hear from you and get to know you!!

Tips for writing the application

  • Write as though you were speaking to a friend in an honest tone and voice
  • Spend some time reflecting on each question before you begin to answer

    What is your positive vision for the world around you? How do you want to improve the world? Why is it so important to you? Feel free to share personal anecdotes.
    What is something that you are curious about? Something that you spend hours learning about? It can be either a hobby or an academic subject that inspires you. Tell us about how you have explored and developed this over time.

    *Don’t feel the need to write long answers. Stick to a length that feels natural and authentic to what you want to say.*