• How do we get in touch with you?

    Please write to us with your queries about the programme. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. You can reach us at fellowship@wondergirls.co.

  • If you are a parent, why should you care?

    The Wonder Girls Student Leaders Fellowship is a definitive, one of its kind, platform that enables you to empower your high-potential adolescent girls with the right kind of information, community of peers, mentorship, role models, and internships with our partner organisations — all essential ingredients for long-term success and growth. The programme enables you to expose your girls to diverse fields and various career paths, and equips them with the tools they need to succeed in the future in their chosen fields of endeavour. Our carefully designed methodology and comprehensive programming empowers your girls with much needed skills of confidence, agency, and resourcefulness. Please feel free to write to us at fellowship@wondergirls.co for any further questions.

  • Why be a part of Wonder Girls Student Leaders Fellowship?

    The Wonder Girls Student Leaders Fellowship is the first of its kind all-girls Fellowship programme for adolescent girls in India. We create a safe space and provide girls with tools and skills to excel professionally. Our wide-ranging modules cover topics such as reframing failure, networking, collaboration, accessing mentorship, financial independence, battling biases, personal brand, etc. among other well thought-out modules. We enable Fellows to develop game-changing skills through our thoughtfully designed capstone project. We create an environment for them to learn and network with one another as well as with high-impact role models. We conclude the programme with an internship in collaboration with our partner organisations to give Fellows a taste of what it is like to be in the workforce, and motivate them for the future.

  • Why is the Fellowship only for girls in Grade 8-12?

    Adolescence is a highly impressionable age. Access to the right information, key projects, peers, and role models will be life-altering for the Fellows before they step into university. It will help them connect with other high-potential girls from around the country and develop a strong sense of self and community. We are open to receiving applications from students in gap years as well.

  • Why is it an all-girl programme?

    Global research shows that all-girl environments enable girls to learn effectively without being influenced by otherwise widely prevalent stereotypes. Today, there is a huge need in India for programmes that tie in adolescent leadership experiences with long-term success for girls.

  • Why is the programme being conducted on a digital platform?

    Being digital enables us to bring the brightest Fellows, best role models, and expert project facilitators from all across the globe together in one place and amplify opportunities for all. The diversity of the peer group coming together from different parts of India keeps this incredibly exciting for our Fellows.

  • Can Fellows do this alongside their school work?

    Yes. Our Fellowship programme is designed in a way that Fellows can participate alongside regular academic commitments. The programme is scheduled only on weekends, and can be taken from the comfort of one’s home. All it will require is effective pre-planning for the duration of the programme to make the most of the Fellowship experience.

  • Why is it a 10-week long Fellowship?

    The 10-week timeframe allows us to space out our modules to foster maximum learning. The consistency of our programme, our weekly pre-reading material, and reflection activities enable for lessons to be imbibed concretely. The duration also allows for our Fellows to collaborate effectively with their peers and build meaningful relationships across the board.

  • Why does the Fellowship include a capstone project as one of the cornerstones?

    Our capstone project equips the Fellows with foundational skills of resourcefulness, agency, problem-solving, networking, and collaborative work. This transformational experience shapes and provides them with an action-oriented outlook that can always be tapped into.

  • Why does the Fellowship focus on peer networking extensively?

    According to a comprehensive study conducted by LinkedIn, ‘women world-over typically tend to be 14-38% less likely than their male peers to have a strong network’. Research suggests that 85% of job positions are mapped through networking. The ethos of networking and collaborative teamwork has to be incorporated into girls from an early age. In a structured way, we curate peer networking sessions to break this stereotype and create a community of girls who will help one another professionally from the very beginning.

  • Will Fellows get an opportunity to interact with role models directly?

    Yes, the Fellows will meet diverse and successful role models every weekend as part of one of our programme cornerstones. Fellows will learn directly from them, draw insights from their journeys, engage in meaningful dialogues and ask them pertinent questions. You cannot be what you can’t see, and sometimes, access to role models is all one needs to steer one’s life to create a 10X impact. Since none of our sessions are published for public access, the interactions with role models tend to be fun, real, and meaningful. 

  • Can you tell us about the internships?

    We have a diverse list of credible organisations onboard as partners. Based on interest and skills, and partner organisations’ requirements, we will map each Fellow with one of our partner organisations for a 1-month part-time digital internship. Fellows can add work experience to their resume, and more importantly get an opportunity to immerse themselves in real world working environments.

  • What will the selected Fellows take away from the Fellowship experience?

    If you are a young ambitious girl who wants to understand what goes into building a meaningful and successful long-term career, then this is the right place for you. From interacting with high-quality professionals who have been there and done that, to building leadership skills and foundational skills via capstone projects alongside bright peers from all across India, to participating in real-world projects and internships in collaboration with our partner organisations, you will learn skills that will set you apart and give you a true headstart for success.

  • How to apply?

    Please visit our application page and fill out the form. Our application form is designed to make you reflect on your journey so far and your journey forward. So, have fun while at it. You will hear back from us with the next steps promptly. We also request you to go through our terms and conditions (https://www.wondergirls.academy/terms-and-conditions/) and privacy policy (https://www.wondergirls.academy/privacy-policy/) before applying for the programme.

  • What are the programme dates?

    June 1, 2022 – August 7, 2022. This is a weekend-only digital programme that can be taken alongside school from the comfort of one’s home.

  • How does the selection process work?

    The first round is a written application form. Shortlisted candidates from Round-1 will be invited for a 15-minute video interview, following which we will email the selection decision. We will gauge the applicants on their capacity to think & reflect, professional ambition, intellectual curiosity, desire to learn & grow, proactive & collaborative nature, social consciousness, and well-roundedness.

  • How does the fee structure work?

    The programme costs 40,000 INR + taxes per selected fellow. This includes our 75-hour programme as well as access to carefully designed programme booklets, activity sheets, and reflection sheets. The fee has to be paid as soon as the fellow accepts the invitation into the programme. The fee covers programme costs for all cornerstones of the fellowship.

  • Do we get a certificate for participation?

    Yes, we will provide a certificate of completion to each Fellow.

  • Can we read about previous Fellows’ experiences and parent feedback?

    Yes. Please refer to our past cohort page for complete details here.